FROM: Mary Louse Hall (Mrs. Harley Hall) DATE: September 13, 1993 RE: ALLEGED "ACCOUNTING" FOR

"REMAINS" OF POW HARLEY H. HALL, USN (3 FRONT TEETH) Dear Sirs: In response to the recent recovery of three

 of Captain Harley Hall's front teeth from the site of his downing and capture on 1/27/74 in Quang Tri Province, I

would like the following to go on record: While I acknowledge these to be three of my husband's correctly

identified teeth (confirmed by a dental expert, I object most strenuously to the inference that they constitute

evidence of death, and I by no means acknowledge or accept them as an accounting of the person of Harley H.

Hall. As such, they represent not only insufficient evidence for case closure, but more importantly, BLATANTLY


 Specifically, various U.S. agencies have consistently maintained that the could NOT POSSIBLY have died AT THAT

 SITE, i.e. Quang Tri, an inference drawn from multiple references of captivity elsewhere. Apart from the obvious

fact that adults frequently lose teeth, which was notorious among POW's, the condition of the teeth, the fact that

 they are front teeth, and especially the LOCATION of discovery all point to a more obvious or plausible

explanation. Namely, Capt. Harley Hall was either punched, received a blow to the mouth by his captors, these

teeth were extracted, or fell out due to malnutrition and poor care. As to the location of his alleged "death":

NAVAL INTELLIGENCE: Naval Intelligence informed me two weeks after his downing that Harley had been

captured - an absolute certainty based on first hand sensitive intelligence. It was the U.S. Government itself that

had the information to change his status to Category I: Capture Confirmed (early documents sent to me under

the Freedom of Information Act indicated all four crewmen in Quang Tri incidents that day were captured. Capt.

Hall remained in Category 1-POW status-for a full seven years (1973-1980) until all such cases except Charles

Shelton, USAF, were altered to "PFOD" (Presumptive Finding of Death). DR. ROGER SHEILDS: It soon became

evident that Harley was not only captured, but had arrived at a prison site of some sort. I was personally told by

 POW/MIA expert Dr. Roger Shields that Harley's was "one of the compelling, if not THE most compelling case of

capture he had ever reviewed." "They are holding your husband, Mrs. Hall, one way or another." (the inference

clearly being "dead or alive") "and they can answer for him and never settle for anything LESS." THE NATIONAL

SECURITY AGENCY: NSA files have subsequently revealed that Capt. Hall was tracked from battalion to battalion

to a particular PRISON CAMP ON THE VIETNAMESE/LAO BORDER, hence NOT in Quang Tri Province. DEFENSE

INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT: On 13 July 1988, the DIA issued an analysis of Vietnamese reports to General

Vessey about an "unrecoverable body" in the Quang Tri area which had fallen "into a trench." DIA analysis

countered that this "answer" was totally unacceptable, and that the SRV report was a concoction "implausible

and in conflict with their known policies and practices" regarding Americans. The area was heavily patrolled by

North Vietnamese troops who would not have to resort to local villagers to account for an American downed

under their noses (see attached). Next, local "witnesses" began to tell of an American body, allegedly Harley's

"buried there," but digging teams repeatedly found nothing. But now the sudden turnover of three teeth from

Quang Tri is viewed as a "resolution," while in fact they in no way mitigate the U.S. Government's previous

objection to this story and insistence that Capt. Hall could not have died there, let alone be buried in an

unrecorded spot. CLASSIFIED U.S. FILES: This summer (1993) I returned to Washington, D.C. to review all

pertinent files, including classified material accessible to families. This reinforced my previous conclusion and

added the STUNNING NEW REVELATION that Harley Hall had been INTERROGATED BY THE SOVIETS (which, I

hasten to point out, could not have happened had he "died" in the area where his teeth were allegedly lost and

 recovered twenty years later!) This is a startling contradiction to the U.S. Government's present bland

acceptance of his "death" in the Quang Tri area shortly after being shot down. REFUGEE STATEMENTS: I realize

less credence is given to "hearsay" from Vietnamese, but it is no secret that about the time of my husband's

downing and capture, there was frequent recounting of and bragging about "the parading of a big Blue Angel" in

Vietnam, possibly through Hanoi. Cases of misidentification and case closing on insufficient evidence are not new

or unique to my husband's case, but all of the above shows me that the United States Government's "highest

national priority" in this area is to shorten if not eliminate the missing list and close the book on as many

discrepancy cases as possible, even if it means a completely false burial of hundreds of Americans -- all to

expunge the past, achieve a hasty and slipshod "accounting" and facilitate lucrative and politically expedient

relations with Hanoi. As for the incredible statement that 'we have no information which would indicate Capt. Hall

 survived to become a captive of the Vietnamese, one need only consider every other agency cited here, and

Harley's official POW status, to perceive a gross discrepancy and untruth. Some cases are genuinely resolved. My

 close friend, Carleen Blackburn, received almost full skeletal remains of her husband (notably with FOUR FRONT

TEETH MISSING). Other cases are not, and perhaps never can or will be resolved. But the most unfortunate and

painful of all are the FALSELY RESOLVED CASES. Thus, after twenty years of almost unbearable limbo and

uncertainty, I may now face the worst possible case scenario: an eternal limbo, still not knowing. The three teeth

 only reinforce the intelligence on capture, while the U.S. Government prepare to call the case "resolved" and

cease even trying to account. Such a FALSE ANSWER IS WORSE THAN NONE, leaving me with less peace than

before, not more! I do not reject receiving the three teeth, nor will I take legal action against their identification,

because they are indeed Harley's teeth and constitute all I have of my husband at the present moment. Had

 they been presented in the spirit of further clues or evidence in Harley's case, and not as an unwarranted

"accounting" and resolution of "death," I would even welcome them as one small clue to the mystery of what

happened to him in captivity. Be assured that my protest does NOT stem from "wishful thinking, hoping against

hope" or reluctance or refusal to accept death as an inevitable/probably outcome. For years, I have imagined,

 longed for and even dreamed of the day when I could hold a proper memorial service for Harley when his earthly

 remains could rest in U.S. soil. Then his children and I could experience the peace of knowing, and begin to close

the long chapter of grief. But to grant burial with full military honors and a full size coffin to three front teeth

would not only be ridiculous, but represent acquiesce in a lie. Considering the above, I protest the closure of

Harley's case in the strongest possible terms, and implore you to leave his name on the honored list of

unaccounted for Americans, specifically the "focus" POW cases where he was listed in the first place. (Otherwise,

 his name will wrongfully appear on the "remains returned" list, and many thoughtful Americans will assume that

this notorious case is finally resolved/settled.) To do otherwise on the basis of incomplete and misleading

"remains" of three teeth is a travesty and an affront to the truth, as well as yet another blow to the families who

 have fought so valiantly (and had their faith so badly shaken) in this cause. This is the least you owe to the men

who served and those of us who have paid so high a price. (signed) Mary Louse Hall, Wife Capt. Harley H. Hall,

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